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16 to 18 May 2012
Lisbon, Portugal
Jen & Greig
Jen Williams is an Experience Architect at LBi London who has worked in the digital industry for eight years. Jen is interested in how new trends and behaviors can help brands to create meaningful and valuable digital experiences for people across many touch points. She spoke at Euro IA 2011 on how social check-in can create new opportunities to innovate services and products. Jen has spent the last year working on the retail site redesign for Lloyds TSB, part of the UK’s largest retail bank that serves millions of customers across multiple platforms and devices.   

Greig Robinson is an Experience Architect at LBi London, where he has been working for the last year and a half. Greig studied Product design at the Glasgow School of Art and Rhode Island School of Design. He’s passionate about the relationship between digital and society and how this will affect the expansion of our service based economy.  Greig spent last year working on the redesign of Lloyds TSB; one of the UK’s largest retail banks.

Jen Williams & Greig Robinson


A case study - Redesigning the website of the retail bank, Lloyds TSB

We will present a case study of the redesign of Lloyds TSB's public website, part of the largest retail bank in the UK. Lloyds TSB’s online retail offering was 10 years old before our project started and had not adapted to represent the bank’s services and customer needs.

In our case study we will show our approach and process, problems that were avoided or overcome and an overview of the end solution.

Our case study will give insights into: · The process that allowed us to gain sign off from 80+ stakeholders without delaying the project in a business with strict sign off procedures and a strong aversion to risk · Working in a blended team where design and user experience are inseparable – there were no wireframes produced on this project. · Ensuring the site experience reflects Lloyds TSB's brand values while addressing the imbalance between customer need and internal business structures. · Integration of content strategy – allowing for reusable content that is easily updated and meets user's requirements from the start · User testing with high fidelity, interactive prototypes

Attendees will gain insight into a large, successful commercial project that focused on the customer while being brave enough to break existing financial sector conventions.

Wednesday, 16 May @ 14:30-14:50
20 minutes
Auditorium III

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