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16 to 18 May 2012
Lisbon, Portugal
Ginny Redish
Janice (Ginny) Redish helps clients and colleagues with content strategy, writing for the web, plain language, and other aspects of UX. Ginny's latest book, Letting Go of the Words – Writing Web Content that Works, gets raves from Amazon reviewers and blog writers. Ginny is also co-author of two of the classic books on usability techniques and has been called the "mother of usability".

She is a dynamic speaker, sought after for workshops and conferences. Ginny has keynoted conferences in 8 countries and has trained thousands of UX colleagues, writers, designers, developers, and subject matter specialists on 4 continents. Visit Ginny's web site and download two chapters of "Letting Go":

Ginny Redish


Writing Web Content that Works


You want site visitors to have successful experiences, whether they are on a full screen, tablet, or mobile. Success = finding what they need, understanding what they find, and being able to satisfy whatever goal or task brought them to your site or app. Your web content is critical to that successful experience. People come to web sites for information, to do a task, to have a social encounter. Information, task, social encounter = content.

In this practical and fun workshop with Ginny Redish, you'll see the power of thinking of every use of your web site as a conversation started by your site visitor.

You'll see how personas and scenarios help you write great web content. You'll understand why people skim and scan on the web. You'll realize where on web sites people read and don't read – and why. You'll see and practice how to plan, organize, write, and evaluate content for web sites and mobile apps.

Ginny's workshops are always highly interactive with lots of discussion and practice.

Who should come to this workshop?

Everyone who contributes to web sites should understand the importance of content and the value of content as conversation. Of course, content strategists, content contributors, and editors will want to be part of this workshop. Information architects, designers, developers, managers, and product specialists will also enjoy and learn in this workshop. Everyone should know what makes content work well on web sites.

What will you learn?

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

Wednesday, 16 May @ 9:00-12:30
180 minutes + 30 minute break @ 10:30-11:00
Room 2

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