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16 to 18 May 2012
Lisbon, Portugal
Érico Fileno
Érico Fileno is an Interaction Designer and UX Specialist at live|work, an international service design consultancy based in London, Oslo and Sao Paulo. He has worked throughout his career to align design within strategic perspectives.     

He has been a pioneer in the field of interaction design in Brazil, serving as an evangelist (as local leader of IxDA) and leading the way to promote the discipline as business relevant. On this path he has been coordinating an international level postgraduate program in User-Centered Design and also became involved in many project implementations regarding Interaction Design. Since 1995, his goal has been to design "products" and services with good user experiences through the use of human-centered lens and to promote the point of view that “products” are just avatars of services. You can find more info about him here:

Érico Fileno


Service Thinking

When we look an object the real value is in the use that it can offer – not in technological or physical attributes. The important question: What is it for? Well then, in asking this question we are looking for the real function of a product. All other attributes such as usability, aesthetics and technological aspects came after we have answered the real use of the product. And doing so, we are starting to understand the experience of the consumer.

The curiosity and desire to understand the artifact is the first step to look the products with a service lens. The value is the use! And for that, we need to create a "servitization" process of things, in other words, reverse the order and prioritize the services that are behind the success of innovative products.

The presentation will show through an example of a brazilian bank how service design looks at the whole value chain of the relationship between the user and the service that stands behind all products. And how the strategy is built internally.

Thursday, 17 May @ 14:00-14:20
20 minutes
Room 1

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